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What is team extension

Team extension is a business practice in which a company hires a remote team or individual contractors to complement its existing in-house team, usually to handle specific tasks or projects.

The main idea behind team extension is to add more resources to the existing team without having to go through the time-consuming and costly process of hiring and training new employees.

With team extension, the company can tap into a pool of talent and expertise that is not available in-house, and also save money on overhead costs associated with in-house employees, such as office space, benefits, and equipment.

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Ideas behind team extension

CEE as an IT Hub

CEE will become the European outsourcing hub and the alternative for Asia.

IT Outsourcing is growing 6% yoy worldwide, but in CEE growth is 17%, and in Poland over 25%!​


Companies will try to increase flexibility and reduce risk by partnering with outsourcing companies. Organizations will reach out to TEX partners to help them build a highly skilled, flexible, remote engineering arm.​

Cost & Time Savings

The team extension model enables companies to scale up and down operation without long term commitment to costs.

Poland has access to a large pool of talented and highly-skilled individuals who can deliver better quality at the same cost level.

When to decide on team extension?

If your company is experiencing rapid growth and needs to scale up quickly, a team extension can be a great option. You can quickly add a team of skilled professionals to your existing team without going through the lengthy hiring process. A team extension allows you to quickly ramp up or down your staffing as needed.

When you can't find enough engineers within local talent pool team extension is the right choice. If your in-house team lacks certain skills or expertise, a team extension can provide access to professionals with the specific skill set you need. This can be especially useful for companies working on complex projects that require a diverse set of skills.

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Why team extension

When your company plans to launch a new project, or simply grows rapidly, additional specialist teams are needed more quickly. Why not opt for a team extension then?


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Faster time to market

We can find the resource you are looking for, ready to start supporting your project​.

Continuity Of work

You do not need to be afraid of failing the project due to lack of resources. With our scale, we can support you in every situation.

Large talent pool & scalability

With access to our large pool of talented individuals, you are able to scale up and down your operations without long term commitment.

Cost savings & reduced administrative overheads

We take care of all human resources related issues, such as agreements, holidays, sick leave and training.

Why Poland?

Talent pool

Poland produces 10% of all IT graduates in the European Union.

That is around 40,000 graduates per year.

High skills & English knowledge

Polish software skills are often cited as among the best globally (among top 3 by HackerRank)​

#13 in top 100 countries listed in the global EF English Proficiency

Legislative compatibility

There’s no legislative incompatibility between Polish outsourced developers and clients in other European countries. 

This increases our accessibility for customers.

Team extension is an outsourcing model where a company extends its existing team with remote professionals to augment its capabilities and capacity. The extended team works as an integral part of the in-house team and follows the same processes and methodologies. This model differs from other outsourcing models, such as project-based or staff augmentation, as the extended team becomes an integrated part of the client's team, making it easier to ensure effective communication and collaboration. Additionally, team extension is often more flexible than traditional outsourcing models, as it allows for more control over the team's activities and progress.